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Blade Demon

A merciless warrior fought for the gods with great zeal and bravery. Seeing his devilish nature, the gods of heaven, although thankful and impressed, found his devilish deeds unworthy of deserving a place in their realm of virtue and morality. They collectively decided to banish him from their realm but reward him generously with powers and riches for his devilish deeds of heroism.

Dejected and despondent, he set out on his journey to oblivion. A million questions raced through his mind. The innocent soul was unable to comprehend the reasoning behind the treatment.

As his journey continued, he turned more philosophical, he questioned ethics and karma and found solace in physical exhaustion. All the zeal and bravery had led him to lead a life of a vagabond, he was forced to follow paths without having a destination in mind.

There is only so much one can do to exist, living was a concept that he had let go of a long time ago.

As days passed by, a placid tranquility had overtaken his guileless nature. He became more aggressive and fierce and destroyed everything that hindered his path. The paramount powers were starting to take a toll on him. He possessed powers unmatched by the greatest of demons and yet he felt empty. He possessed surplus energy, energy that wasn’t channeled.

But the new erudite had issues, his analyst mind still
Seeking vengeance he travelled to the demon realm to aid them in their battle. The demons said he was not worthy of becoming their ally as he had a soul too pure for their liking.

Dejected yet again, he set out on another journey. But this time he was fuelled by madness. The anger he couldn’t contain. The kind of anger that overshadows both reasoning and virtue. It killed the erudite in him, he was no longer sane. A mislead bundle of muscles and bones, a body with barely a soul.

He wielded his blade and vowed to rule over the gods and the demons alike to avenge his dishonor. Fuelled by his abyss filled with anger, the demon slayer slays everything that comes in his path to take over both the realms.