Arcade, Casual


Android, iOS


October 21, 2019



Maximum Velocity

They say that sky’s the limit. But in this endless high scorer, as you man the space ship through the vast cosmos dodging all the obstacles with great precision in hope of becoming the best, neither the sky nor the stars are the limit.

Escape the hitherto unforeseen obstacles, and make your way past the hurdles that the cosmos throws your way to obstruct you from creating history!

Shatter high scores and dash through the endless cosmos with your Maximum Velocity!

Dash through space using your spacecraft’s maximum velocity. Break through barriers and dash through distress!
Feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins as you fight against our space manifesto while dashing through the cosmos.

Distinct focus will help you break high scores with maximum velocity.

Will your space ship make the record books or will it be lost to the cosmos as debris? Only time will tell, so let the dash of adrenaline rush begin!

1. Endless mode
2. Fast paced game
3. Never-before-seen obstacles
4. Addictive Game play
5. Available for free on mobile and tablets



Patch Notes

V 1.1
– Leaderboard added
– Catchy background music added
– Minor optimizations performed