VR, Simulation, Fantasy


Android, iOS


Work in Progress




Hailing from a family devoted to serving the nation, yet unknown to their true profession, Maya wakes up to find herself on a deserted island. The waves – gently lapping against the golden sand – and the warm breeze – wrapping itself around the swaying trees keep Maya company. A lush green island filled with beautiful flora but devoid of any sort of human traces.

A paradise is only enjoyable when it is viewed with a serene state of mind. And serenity is a luxury that Maya cannot afford at the moment. The entirety of the situation has now started taking a toll on her. From waking up to a heartwarming smell of pancakes with cool breeze rushing in through the window nearby to waking up amidst a deserted island, all Maya can feel is despair and uncertainty.

Her life back at home was quite normal, an exact opposite of the kind of fix she now found herself in. Uncertainty was something she had never been too familiar with but now here she was, more uncertain than she could ever imagine herself to be. Uncertain if she’d ever be able to get in touch with her ever-so-busy family, erratic waves of longing had now made her uncertain of even her dodgy thoughts.

Completely disconnected from the outside world, she now has to do whatever it takes to survive until any sort of help arrives. Lost and broken, she wades her way through to what seems to be a…

Survive through the desolation, keep your willpower high this isolation and fend off mortal enemies while you discover the hitherto unknown abilities that you possessed.

Pick up new skills as you progress through loneliness. Embrace the wilderness which could be friend or foe. Learn as much as you can, be it assassination or building a house, for you never know what might come in handy in the bewildered future that lies ahead of you.