Action, Parkour


Windows, MacOS


Work in Progress




Mechanization has taken over the world, and in a dash for modernization, the ethnicity of their res publica is now at stake. Accusations have been made and wars have been waged! Will the brave body politic be able to uphold their torch of dignity?

Help the warriors win their toughest battle ever, parkour against their mortal enemies to capture the sacred flag of Ze while adhering to your strategic flexibility. Use menacing weapons to fight your way into the fierce battlegrounds. Sustain through the bloodshed and fight friends and foe alike. Avenge the purpose and write the destiny of your nation.

The destiny of your nation now lies in your honoured flag of Ze. Wit, speed and zeal will be your only aid when friends turn into foes. Jump, slide, wall run – parkour your way to the flag and battle menacing weapons to fight for the sacred flag of Ze.

The flag that contains powers indegenous to your nation, the flag that once belonged to your motherland now lies humiliated within the borders of our enemy nation. The hopes and dreams of every citizen now rests on your shoulders as you complete this quest to conquer the flag once and forever.

But remember, the fight will not be easy and the battle shall not spare anyone. Capture the flag, save the res publica and see the body politic pay their obeisance to the hero that they’d hail as ‘Zenith’ or be banished to lifelong tribulation!


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